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Note: All prices quoted are in South African Rands

Agility Equipment

Prices for 01-01-2004 to 31-12-2004

1) Hurdle uprights, all tube frame, with decal plate, painted red and white, reversible so that can be jumped from either side, excluding crossbars and pins - per pair R375.00

2) Budget Hurdle uprights, with decal plate, painted white, excluding crossbars and pins - per pair R295.00

3) Bend poles(12) plastic and base plate (4 x 1.8m matching) R695.00

4) Tyre wall (adjustable - standard/mini dogs) R725.00

5) Table 1.00 x1.00 adjustable height R950.00

6) Dog walk (max length 6 x 2.1m sections) R3995.00

7) See-saw (2 x 2.1m sections) R2850.00

8) `A' Ramp (max ht 1.9m - adjustable for mini dogs) R2650.00

9) Water trough (galvanised metal 1.2 x 0.75 x 0.5) P.O.A.

10) Long jump (wood - five stacking units + 4 corner markers) R925.00

11) Collapsible Tunnel (with 3.0m canvas tube) R950.00

12) Rigid flexible Tunnel 5.0m R p.o.a.

13) Holders for Rigid Tunnel (x2)each R145.00

14) Flyball - single ball front loader machine R750.00

15) Flyball hurdles, set of 4x white, phenol ply, collapsible R1750.00

16) Start/Finish poles (2 per lane needed) per pair R395.00

All the above equipment made with 25mm square tube, angle iron, galvanised sheet metal, exterior quality plywood and painted (metal parts with etch primer base) in red and white enamel paint (ex budget hurdles that are white only).

As far as possible, the equipment is designed to be easily separated in order to minimise storage space, without sacrificing durability and strength.

All the above prices are inclusive of VAT and are FOR exclusive of cartage charges.

Terms of payment are : 30% with order and the balance Cash On Delivery.

These are the main items that not every club can have readily made. There are smaller items such as number plates, cross bars etc that can be quoted for on application.

Contact: Rob Hewitt

26 Mottramdale Road

Westville 3630

KwaZulu Natal

South Africa

Tel/fax (Int 27 31)(SA 031) 2665651 or cell 27(0)82 853 9468

or e-mail

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